We get involved in some interesting things…


We get involved in some interesting things…

The WW2 Tank

Our customer found the vehicle, A Morris light tank of WW2 vintage, in very poor state of repair and was in the process of restoring it.  The partly riveted hull of rolled steel was held by some interesting dome headed bolts, which held the armament to the substructure.  It is these bolts that our customer has asked that we source.  Given that these bolts were manufactured for this vehicle, our only option was to have the fasteners manufactured to the original specification.

Rolls Royce Meteor Engine

We recently had a request for Whitworth socket head caps for a 1955 Rolls Royce meteor tank engine.  The Rolls meteor engine was developed from the merlin aircraft engine of Spitfire and Hurricane fame.  The ministry was trying to source a tank engine and it seems rolls had a number of merlin engines rebuilt from crashed aircraft, but not suitable for air use. The merlin is a V12, so the meteor was essentially 2/3 of the merlin, with supercharger etc. removed.


Stately home staircase restoration

Our Customer had to restore an interesting set of cast iron staircases in a stately home. These required a number of brass fittings, which he was finding difficult to obtain.  He found us on the Web and we actually had the fasteners required in stock!

Traction engine refurbishment

Now Traction engines are big beast and need big bolts, often in whitworth sizes. We’ve had a few requests for assorted fasteners from the Traction engine and steam enthusiasts, again we can’t always supply from stock, but we can usually source them.

Classic car restoration 

I think we’ve lost count of all the classic car enthusiasts who use for quality supplies. Often, in the world of fasteners, its hard to see what is good and bad quality.  At Leyton we’ve got a name for supplying best quality from stock, often through our sister business Leyton Classics.


We have a range of people use us, from the modern owner, often wanting to use stainless fasteners, to the classic bike enthusiast, looking for “hard to find” sizes.


So whatever you’re fitting together, we can probably help

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