We don’t often get asked for these…

classic car fasteners

We don’t often get asked for these…

Whilst we get some unusual requests for fasteners, particularly for manufacturing, this is the first for a tank!  Our customer is restoring a Morris Light reconnaissance car, the four-wheel driver version, known as the Mk 2. The Morris car Company, at Cowley, built these small tanks, specifically for light work where speed was vital.  Around 2200 were built and were utilised in many theatres of war.

Whilst it wasn’t quick at 3.7 tons weight, it could achieve 50mph from the 4-cylinder 72hp engine (from a petrol powered small truck).  Whilst it was limited due to no tracks, it was independently sprung and with 4 wheel drive (in Mk 2 mode) was remarkably flexible (albeit somewhat unreliable) in role.

Our customer found the vehicle in very poor state of repair and is now in the process of restoring it.  The partly riveted hull of rolled steel was held by some interesting dome headed bolts, which held the armament to the substructure.  It is these bolts that our customer has asked that we source.  Given that these bolts were manufactured for this vehicle, our only option was to have the fasteners manufactured to the original specification.  As you can see, the one on the right is the original, with our re-manufactured bolt on the left.

Clearly this is not a normal job for our suppliers, but thankfully we do have a handful of small-scale manufacturers who love this type of challenge.

So whatever your fastener requirements, give us a call!