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Stainless Fasteners Stock

We have a tremendous range of stocked items in stainless.  Examples of stocked items are; Hex Head Bolts and Sets Screws, Hex Full Nuts, Nylocs, Dome Nuts, Flat Washers and Threaded Bar.stainless fasteners

All items available in 316 or 304 stainless. 304 is the standard stainless which is the most versatile and widely used.  316 stainless contains molybdenum so, this means it is more corrosion resistant to chlorides such as sea water along with de-icing salts together with other chemicals.  Marine, Medical, Food Preparation Equipment inhabit environments which 316 stainless products can be used.  Any items not stocked in stainless, that you require, we can provide a quote for the current price and delivery time free of charge within the same day.  This includes special/obsolete fasteners unavailable “off the shelf”.

The stainless steel fasteners we supply are commonly used by our customers for restoration and replacement of parts on motorcycles and cars from past through to present.  The items people take range from Hex Bolts with Nuts to Socket head screws available in metric or imperial sizes for your requirements.