Special Offers On Fasteners!


Special Offers On Fasteners!

This month we have a series of special offers, just call one of the team on 0151 355 8045.


Special offers on JCP Thru bolts

  • Box 10 M16 x175 Thru bolts zinc and yellow noTB16175 at £8
  • Box 10 M20 x130 Thru bolts zinc and yellow noTB20130 at £10
  • Box 10 M20 x160 Thru bolts zinc and yellow noTB20160 at £12

Special price on Zinc plated hex bolts


We also have a quantity of M16 x 60 zinc plated hex bolts, in boxes of 50 at a giveaway price of £5 a box.

Offer price on galvanised bolts


Boxes of 25 M24x75 grade 8.8 galv bolts just £5 a box.

We can provide even sharper prices for bigger quantities!

Remember, you can pay us by card, over the phone or direct into our bank account…

Call us on 0151 355 8045 or mailto:sales@leytonfasteners.co.uk