Special Nuts Not A Problem

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Special Nuts Not A Problem

Here at Leyton Fasteners we supply special nuts to various specifications, materials or non-standard sizes are not a problem.

  • UK Manufacturing to the highest standards
  • Specialists in hard to find items in unusual materials
  • Quick deliveries
  • Fully traceable manufacturing and delivery
  • Our manufacturers are Fully compliant ISO 9001:2015 quality standard
  • Certificates in materials, heat treatment and plating available
  • Certificates of Conformity
  • Reliable, professional and great service

Our Nuts range:

HEX NUTS Din934 & Din439

Hexagon full or lock nuts. Full nuts are full height nuts and lock nuts are ‘thin’ type nuts. Lock nuts are typically used as two nuts mounted and ‘locked’ together hence the name. These are sometimes called Jam nuts for the same reason. We can supply these in various materials and finishes.

SLOTTED & CASTLE NUTS Din935 & Din935-1

Castle Nuts are similar to slotted nuts but, the difference is Castle nuts have a turned-down portion with slots which is to be used to slot a cotter pin or wire through. It is very important not to mistake a Castle nut for a Slotted nut or vice versa. We can supply these in various materials and finishes.


Flange nuts provide a nut with a integrated washer that helps distribute the clamping load over a larger surface area compared to a regular nut or lock nut. Flange nuts work better than standard hex nut and lock nuts if there is a oversized or slotted hole. We can supply these in various materials and finishes.


Nyloc or Nylon insert nuts have a nylon ring inside which creates prevailing torque for the nut. The nylon ring causes the lock for the nut and makes it less common for the nut to loosen as vibration occurs. We can supply P type or T type Nyloc nuts in various materials and finishes.


An all-metal prevailing torque locking nuts are made from metal and has a deformed thread section. The deformed thread section, creates locking when applied to a mating part. The locking mechanism effectively reduces vibrational loosening. All-metal nuts are usually used in higher temperature environments where a ‘nylon’ insert Nyloc nut will not be suitable. We can supply all-metal locking nuts in various types such as Aerotight Nuts, Binx Nuts, Cleveloc Nuts, Stover Nuts, Philidas Turret or Industrial, Stiffinox Nuts. All of these nuts are available in various materials and finishes.


In addition to the standard range of nuts, special nuts are also a product we can supply. Anything from a non-standard sized nut to a one off special to a drawing we can supply in various material and finishes.


Square nuts are typically made from square bar (four sides) or milled from diameter (round). Square nuts are common to be used with Roofing bolts and for applications where a greater surface is required to be in contact with the part being fastened. The greater surface provide greater resistance to loosening.


Dome nuts are blind nuts and are usually used on the end of mating parts to enhance the visual aspect. They don’t tend to be used where any clamping force is required as there is a limit to how far you can tighten the nut due to it being blind or closed off at one end. Dome nuts are also used to protect the thread and nearby objects from coming into contact with the thread.


Connector or coupling nuts are usually quite long. This is because they are often used to couple to mating parts together. So they tend to be quite a bit longer to accommodate this. Typically they are made from hexagon but round ones exist too. We supply machined connector nuts with mixed threads meaning you could have a 1/2 Whitworth thread on one side and an M20 left-hand thread on the other. A common use for connector nuts is to connect two separate lengths of stud bar. We can supply connector nuts in various lengths, material and finishes.


Wheel nuts or Lug nuts are used to hold a wheel against a hub. One end of the nut is typically conical in shape so that they can create a ‘self-centring’ effect. We can supply wheel nuts in various material and finishes.


Our nuts range is available in the following threads: Metric, Metric Fine, UNC, UNF, BSW, BSW, BA, BSP.

Please email sales@leytonfasteners.co.uk or call 0151 355 8045 to enquire for the above listed products or any type of nuts required.