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Our Range Of Socket Screws

Socket Screws (sometimes referred to as Allen Bolts) are integral to most manufacturing process machinery as well as many other applications such as motorcycles etc. To this end we offer an extensive range of standard product from stock and we are in a position to supply bespoke socket screws of all types to your own specification / drawing.

socket screws

Leyton Fasteners offers the following socket screws:

  • Socket Head Cap Screws – Grade 12.9
  • Shoulder Screws – Grade 12.9
  • Flat Head Socket Screws (Countersunk) – Grade 10.9
  • Button Head Socket Screws – Grade 10.9
  • Socket Set Screws (Grub screws) – Grade 14.9
  • Pressure Plugs

We also stock a range of Hex Wrench / Allen Keys to suit.

Our range of socket screws is available in Imperial & Metric, in a variety of materials & finishes, from high strength alloy steel finished in black or zinc plated to various grades of stainless steel and other exotic materials.

Pressure plugs are compression fasteners used in hydraulic and pneumatic applications etc. and are usually manufactured to grade 5.8.