Shake Proof Washers


Shake Proof Washers

Leyton Fasteners have now added shake proof washers to their range of products. Our shake proof washers are available in both imperial and metric sizes. We have small bags as well as selection bags of 50 available to purchase on our ecommerce website Leyton Classics.

What Are Shake Proof Washers?

Shake proof toothed lock washers are used with screws and nuts for electrical connectivity and for anti back off locking action. The teeth are formed in a twisted configuration with sharp edges. One edge bites into the bolt head or nut while the other edge bites into the mating surface. This ability to ‘lock’ the fasteners in place is particularly useful where there is vibration, such as around an engine, or where movement is likely to cause problems.

Shake proof washers also help to keep screws in place, absorbing vibration and sometimes also providing a resilient spring action, depending on how the washer is designed. Shake proof washers are also known as lock washers. This is as they are made to hold a screw fast. It is important to remember that shake proof washer are one use only. This is as shake proof washers lose most of their durability once they have been tightened and then undone.

Shake Proof Washer Stock

Leyton Fasteners now hold stocks of these shake proof washers washers and are able to offer them in the following sizes:

  • ½” or M12
  • ¼” or M6
  • 3/8” or M10
  • 5/16” or M8
  • 5/8” or M16

Remember, these are diameter sizes, not spanner sizes. Please refer to our technical section for further details.

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Whilst we can’t guarantee we will have exactly what you need, drop us an email at outlining your requirements and a member of our team will get back to you as soon as possible. Alternatively, call us now on 0151 355 8045. We are based in Cheshire and deliver shake proof washers right across the UK and beyond.