Truloc 375 Nut Lock 10ml

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Truloc 375 Nut Lock 10ml is equivalent to Loctite 243

Truloc 375 is an oil tolerant medium strength threadlocker, that cures anaerobically to lock all types of metal threaded fasteners. This grade is designed for applications that require future disassembly with standard hand tools, and offers excellent temperature and solvent resistance once cured. Superloc 375 is also thixotropic, which aids assembly by reducing the migration of the liquid adhesive following application. This grade can even cure rapidly on plated, oily metal, or inactive surfaces.

Typical applications include

  • Replacing lock washers and plastic inserts
  • Locking machine tool access bolts
  • Locking and sealing gear box and drive shaft bolts
  • Securing conveyor roller bolts
  • Locking bearing cover cap screws