Potential stock shortages due to the Middle East conflict

Potential stock shortages due to the Middle East conflict

As a result of the conflict in the Middle East and following recent attacks on shipping container freight in the Red Sea, heading for the Suez Canal, we are seeing impacts on the delivery of fasteners and fixings from the Far East (where most fasteners are manufactured). These attacks are forcing shipping to divert via the Cape of Good Hope, increasing transit time by 2-3 weeks to our ports and prolonging the return journeys for the ships. Since the Covid 19, we have attempted to keep higher stock levels of fast moving items, in order to keep supply chain issues to a minimum.

At Leyton Fasteners, we are well prepared to mitigate the impact this is having and we are well placed to overcome the situation;

  1. We hold substantial stock levels in our own warehouse ready for delivery or collection, as required.
  2. Having excellent relationships with our stock holders, who themselves are well stocked, to protect against shortages.

As we move into an uncertain 2024 we will continue to monitor the situation and ensure that we do everything possible to protect the supply chain of our customers.  It is clear that the geopolitical situation will remain uncertain and we would suggest that all customers look to protect their supply chain, particularly of special order items or products which are outside standard sizes.

You can contact us by email or phone to check on availability of stock if you consider that your processes may be at risk due to any potential shortage. If there is a potential risk in any of the items which we supply to you, we will do our best to prevent delays. 

Any one of our sales team are here to assist you with your enquiry. Ben, Jack, Lewis and Terlita can be contacted by email: sales@leytonfasteners.co.uk or by phone on 0151 355 8045.