What Are Some of the Most Popular Types of Bolt Heads?

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What Are Some of the Most Popular Types of Bolt Heads?

Bolts play a crucial role in all manner of industrial and commercial applications. Their primary purpose is to fasten two or more pieces of material together, but they can also be used to apply tension or keep something in place, often with the help of a nut.

But whether you need some bolts for machinery or assembling a piece of furniture, you’ll need to know which type of bolt head to use to ensure the job is done properly.

With that in mind, here are some of the most popular types of bolt heads.

Hex Head Bolts

A staple in a broad spectrum of industries, hex head bolts are one of the most commonly used fasteners. Their popularity is due to a combination of their affordability, ease of use, and their high tensile strength capabilities.

As the name implies, they feature a hexagonal bolt head that can be tightened with a spanner or hexagonal sockets. This makes them ideal for applications where a secure fit is essential, but frequent assembly and disassembly may be required.

Dome (Round) Head Bolts

Dome head bolts, or round head bolts as they are sometimes referred to, have smooth, round heads covering the fastener’s threaded end. For that reason, they are difficult to wrench into or out of a piece. They often come with an Allen-key-compatible socket or Phillips socket in the head to make installation and removal easier.

Dome head bolts are often used where a low-profile fastener is necessary or in applications where aesthetics are important, as they provide a smooth and sleek finish. Low-profile dome head bolts, such as carriage bolts, can also be hammered into place for a more secure fix.

Flat Head Bolts

These bolts have a countersunk, flat head that allows for screwing into place with a screwdriver or power drill, bringing the bolt head flush with the material’s surface. This makes them ideal for applications where a smooth, finished look is desired or where there is insufficient clearance to use a bolt with a taller head.

Popular applications include furniture, fixtures, and cabinetry, where a neat and tidy appearance is essential. These bolts are also used in masonry applications, where they can be sunk into mortar joints.

Hex Washer Head Bolts

These bolts cover a larger surface area than most other bolt heads, making them ideal for distributing loads over a wider area. The built-in washer also helps to prevent the bolt from pulling through or becoming loose over time.

Hex washer head bolts are commonly used in heavy-duty applications such as construction, mining, and automotive manufacturing. They can also be used in applications where vibration is a concern, as the built-in washer helps to reduce noise and movement.

What About Other Bolt Heads?

Of course, this list of bolt heads is by no means exhaustive. Some other bolt heads you might have heard of include:

  • Eye Bolts
  • T-Head Bolts
  • Square Head Bolts
  • Binding Head Bolts
  • Fillister Head Bolts
  • Pan Head Bolts
  • Oval Head Bolts
  • Truss Head Bolts
  • Socket Cap Head Bolts

Each has its own specific applications and benefits that make them well-suited for particular tasks. When choosing a bolt head, consider your project’s specific needs to ensure that you select the best possible option.

Where to Find the Right Bolt Head for My Project?

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