Why Choose Metric Fasteners Over Imperial?

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Why Choose Metric Fasteners Over Imperial?

For well over a century there has been a debate over whether to use imperial or metric fasteners. During this time metric fasteners have become the fastener of choice, even in Britain, the country responsible for creating the imperial system.

Why have metric fasteners become the fastener of choice?

  • It is a simple form of measurement based on whole numbers.


  • The metric system is the most precise form of measurement. It has been adopted by the medical, aerospace and electronic industries.


  • It is a global form of measurement. Imperial measurement is only widely used in the United States. However, there are many parts of the country where metric is now being used more frequently. This means if you are going to collaborate with businesses in different countries it is better to use metric fasteners. It will be far easier to communicate with businesses you are collaborating with as you will be referring to the same unit of measurement at all times.


  • Metric fasteners are not prone to regional errors. An issue with using imperial fasteners is the fact that the same term can vary inn different parts of the world. For example, an inch in the United States may not be exactly the same length as an inch in Australia. This means if you order products they may turn out to be slightly larger or smaller than you expected. This makes it difficult to coordinate products that are being manufactured worldwide.

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