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Leyton Fasteners technical support


Leyton Fasteners technical support – Website and personal

Both our staff and our website are dedicated to help you find the right fastener for the job. Whilst clearly we cannot recommend what to use, we can offer support, guidance and knowledge to allow you to make the right choice. Nigel, our MD, has owned and managed the business for many years and has an encyclopaedic knowledge.   Our staff have simply years of experience, to give you the confidence to choose the right solutions.

Unlike other companies who sell fasteners as an “add on” to their main business, we are fastener specialists. We stock a huge range of fast sellers as well as obsolete and hard to find fasteners, indeed we are the “go to” suppliers for many obsolete fastener types. Our partners can manufacture bespoke

Our website offers support on the following:

Bolt and setscrew information

  • How to measure bolts
  • Difference between bolts and sets
  • Terminology
  • Sizing

Screw Drivers and Nut drivers

  • Slot, Phillips, pozi drive and nut drivers

Nut Dimensions

  • Comparison chart
  • Metric and unified

Thread data and tapping sizes

  • Thread data and tapping drill size comparison
  • Metric coarse, metric fine, unified coarse, unified fine
  • British standard Whitworth, British standard fine, British standard pipe
  • British association

Washer dimensions

  • Washer dimension comparison chart
  • Metric and imperial

Like many “worlds” the fasteners community has its own words and phases, descriptions and mnemonics. We can help you navigate the unique world of fasteners, to enable you to make the right decisions. Given the many varied styles of fixing, we can help you by having specific designs manufactured specifically for you. Whilst this may sound expensive, it can often be the only way to find the required design, in the material needed.

For technical support, information and help, call or email on 0151 342 1292 OR sales@leytonfasteners.co.uk