Leyton Fasteners stocks Nord Lock’s innovative washers

Leyton Fasteners stocks Nord Lock’s innovative washers

For over 40 years, the Nord-Lock Group has been a key innovator in engineering and fastener industries having introduced the original wedge locking technology back in 1982. This design creates a wedge between a bolt head and nut ensuring the fastener joint does not loosen unintentionally, particularly useful when the joint is exposed to severe vibration or dynamic loads. 

Unlike a lot of other fastener developers, the Nord-Lock Group is open to be consulted about any of their products directly and advise if they are suitable for a certain design or project. This was most recently apparent when Nord-Lock received a call from the developers of the new Co-Operative arena in Manchester who had an issue with the air conditioning unit becoming unstable due to the vibration of the concert speakers during safety testing. After a visit from their UK sales manager, Nord-Lock’s products were confirmed to be suitable. Upon resolution of this issue and thanks to the Nord-Lock catalogues’ unique capabilities, the arena has since passed all safety tests and is now fully open to the public for events. 

The most common fastener associated with anti-vibration technology is washers. Supplied and used as a pair, Nord-Lock washers incorporate a unique design involving ridged serrations on one side of each washer and cams on the other side. This design allows the cams to interlock the pair together which in turn enables the bolted joint to be secured with tension instead of friction. Any attempt by the fastening attached to the washer to slacken is blocked by the wedge effect of the cams ensuring the fastening cannot be loosened unintentionally.  Available in metric sizes from M3-M130 and imperial sizes in-between, Nord-Lock washers are available in a range of materials such as steel, stainless steel, SMO 254 and various alloys such as C-276 and 718.  

There are many benefits to using Nord-Lock washers. The wedge locking technology allows for reliable fastening and is still just as functional even if the bolt or nut clamp is short or lubricated. These washers have been commonly used in the automotive and aerospace industries where there is a lot of vibration and demand for resilience. These washers are also quick, easy to use and are the only securing washers on the market to be CE approved.

This wedge locking technology, however, is not exclusive to washers. This design has been incorporated into nuts such as combi nuts, labelled this for their combination of a Nord-Lock washer and hexagon nut in one fastener. Providing a simplified, speedy assembly, these nuts provide a high clamp force and stay securely in place even under severe operating conditions. 

For any further information about Nord-Lock products or indeed anything else from our vast range of fasteners, please contact our sales team on 0151 355 8045 or email sales@eytonfasteners.co.uk