Lano Shield

Lano Shield

At Leyton Fasteners, we’ve been selling Lano Shield to our industrial customers for some time now, with various industrial applications.  Whilst Lano Shield was first introduced to our marine customers who wanted an anti-corrosion/anti sieze application, we were also keen to understand how the application would work on more mundane machinery, such as vehicles and tools.  What really caught our eye was when a customer, who used a boat trailer, coated his trailer with Lano Shield and found, that even when dropping into salt water, the trailer remained rust free and fully operational. 

First of all, a short introduction to Lano Shield, it’s a 100% biodegradable, non-toxic and completely natural product. Produced from lanolin, a by-product in the processing of sheep’s wool, lanolin is a wholly natural grease, it is manufactured using sustainable materials derived from renewable resources…in other words its planet friendly.  

Our industrial customers have used Lano Shield for its anti-corrosion properties and the fact that it can stand a 300psi pressure wash and still work.  At Leyton we have an elderly Land Rover, which has been rust proofed over the years using a variety of products, normally oil or wax based.  Whilst Lano Shield can be a little messy to use, its water and runs off, once it adheres to the surface, it seems to bond well.  Our Land Rover is pressure washed to keep the chassis clean, with no detriment to the application.

We have also applied Lano Shield to spades and shoves we use to shift rock salt and other highly corrosive materials.  It’s amazing to see how the application has positively impacted the surface, stopping further rusting and keeping the tools clean.  As you would expect, the product is more expensive than oil-based solutions, but in many cases outperforms them.

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