imperial HSS jobber drills – obsolete and rare sizes in stock


imperial HSS jobber drills – obsolete and rare sizes in stock

Recently we have seen an uptick in the requests for imperial sizes, including drills.  Whilst in many respects this is obsolete stock, we are happy to keep stocking such items, specifically with demand from our website increasing.

Whilst imperial sized drills have become rarer, its probably time that we admitted to stocking a wide variety of imperial sized drills, from high end manufacturers such as DORMA.  Similar to our imperial range of fasteners with unified threads, we have seen diminishing demand from engineers, although as some customers are finding difficulty in sourcing, through our website we are seeing increasing enquiries.  Many of our competitors sell only imperial sized drill sets, which are fine for some uses, but expensive for an individual job, where just a single sized drill is required.  We can supply individual drills in most sizes.

We currently stock sizes from 1/16th up to 29/64th and 17 imperial sizes in between.  Whilst it is true to say that most imperial sizes can “close matched” to metric sizes, some of our customers have commented that this doesn’t always work!




These imperial sized drills used to be very popular, but with the gradual move from imperial to metric, sales have slowed down.  Whilst we still sell a vast number of metric sized drills, the demand for imperial sizes has slowed right down.  Most are sold to owners of older machinery, classic car and motorcycle enthusiasts and others requiring an engineers approach to looking after their machinery.  SKF and Dormer manufactured HSS jobber drills are some of the best in the business, the HSS drill is usually first choice for durability and quality.

We also stock a wide variety of HSS jobber drills  from Dormer and Lyndon in metric sizes.

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