Galvanised fasteners – technical and benefits

Galvanised fasteners – technical and benefits

Bolts, nuts and washers are available with a galvanised finish to protect against corrosion. 

Galvanised fasteners are characterised by the presence of a protective shell applied by a process of hot-dipping, this finishing process adds a layer over the surface. When fasteners are galvanised, they are submerged inside a container filled with molten zinc. After soaking in the molten zinc for a specific time, the screw is removed and allowed to cool. As the screw cools, the molten zinc hardens, thereby forming a shell on the screw’s exterior.

Fasteners are typically made of metals and alloys which are vulnerable to corrosion. When unplated fasteners is exposed to moisture and oxygen they may undergo oxidation, thus corroding.

Due to the thickness of the coating, nuts are often over-tapped to ensure a correct fit after being coated.

Some of the advantages of hot-dipped fasteners include:

  • High level of corrosion resistance, making them suitable for hostile environments.
  • Saving time compared to painting on construction site.
  • Durability and reliability due to the coating becoming metallurgically combined to the steel.
  • Toughness of the coating which can withstand mechanical damage during transport and use.
  • Full coverage into the most depressed areas giving comprehensive protection.

Leyton Fasteners carries a large stock of Galvanised nuts, bolts and washers in various grades, as well as a number of other fastener types. Any we don’t happen to have in stock can usually be sourced on a very short lead time and in most cases the goods can even be sent direct to site to keep any wait times to an absolute minimum. 

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