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Friulslider Evo Plugs

fruili evo plugOnce in a while we something which might be a game changer! Well we all grew up with wooden rawlplugs, which at least meant you didn’t need to hammer bits of timber into the wall. Then we got plastic rawlplugs, which became ubiquitous. Bit like hoover (for vacuum cleaner) the plastic plug had become a commodity and we all bought on price.

Then came the friulsider EVO fixings. These look like a standard plug but are capable of bridging the gap for using in solid walls, plasterboard, stone, concrete and blocks. They can also be used with wood screw, machine screws, threaded rod and coach screws! Unlike other types of nylon plug, the EVO has the flexibility to be used with virtually anything that is machine threaded, even hexagon bolts and setscrews.


On the technical bit, it has four-sided geometry, thin and countersunk collapsible rim, retractable wings and is suitable for concrete, stone, solid and honeycomb brick, as well as concrete and plasterboard.

counterscrew sunk

The EVO comes in two distinct lengths normal and long. In normal sizes, they are stocked in 5, 6, 8, 10, 12 and 14mm diameters. In long format, they are stocked in 6, 8 and 10mm diameters. Clearly the lengths change dependent on diameter. We can supply in box quantities, which in 6mm come in boxes of 100, to 14mm in 25’s. In long lengths, box quantities stocked are 200 in 6mm diameter, 100 in 8mm and 50 in 10mm.

So if you want only one type of plug on the van or in the toolbox, maybe this is for you. As with any new product, we’ve tried it ourselves, specifically using them in plasterboard and honeycomb brick, with great results.

As this is a new product to us – call for prices. Availability is normally next day.