Evapo-rust stocked by Leyton Fasteners

Evapo-rust stocked by Leyton Fasteners

Here at Leyton Fasteners, we are forever looking for the best products in the industry and we have recently stumbled across a fantastic rust removing product. Evapo-Rust by CRC is a powerful, non-toxic rust remover is designed for fast and effective restoration. The unique formula removes rust without the need for scrubbing or sanding. Simply soak your rusted items in Evapo-Rust to give them new life. It’s great for use on Tools/hardware, auto parts, equipment, all types of different steel. 

We decided to give this a try to see what magic this scientific, non-scrubbing rust remover can do, if its good enough for Edd China (formerly of wheeler dealers) I am sure its going to be just perfect. 

We took some UNC bolts which were rust ridden (see in the below pictures) and submerged them in Evapo-Rust. We left the bolts submerged for just 24 hours and the removal of the rust was phenomenal, you wouldn’t have believed the rust was there to begin with!

Evapo-Rust uses a chelating process. To put simply, the liquid binds with the iron “ions” in the rust to break down the iron oxide layer. You will see this starts to turn the liquid darker and darker until it is eventually a black colour over some uses, this is just the carbon from the steel and heavy carbon materials will make the liquid much darker. This is just part of what you will witness as there is also an eggy type of smell which is normal. This smell is emitted due to the hydrogen sulphide gas produced when breaking down certain materials and is harmless so fear not this product is safe to handle and does not release any harmful or toxic vapours. 

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