Construction Chemical Anchors And Resin

Construction Chemical Anchors And Resin

Choosing the correct chemical anchors and resin for your construction job………

There are many applications which require chemical anchors and resin. Leyton Fasteners is a main distributor for JCP Fixings offering a comprehensive range of products to meet these needs with a resin portfolio which includes vinylester, pure epoxy, epoxy acrylate and polyester variants.

The range is supported with full technical specifications, including CE marking and ETA’s (European Technical Assessments) Option 1 for both cracked and non-cracked concrete, in addition to Option 7 for non-cracked concrete only.

Injection resins can be used in new build and structural repairs, across commercial, industrial, and residential projects where the installation of threaded studs, rebar or internally threaded sockets is required. 

The main advantage of using resin as compared to a mechanical anchor is that they are expansion free which enables fixings to be closer together reducing the risk of substrate failure.

JCP offers a range of technical information and tools to assist with choosing the correct product for your project see also case studies . There is a process that will offer good, better, best for the products covering the range of resins, for example, wet or flooded holes, brickwork, stone and concrete. The mid-range JCP fixings/resins includes WRAS (Water Regulations Advisory Scheme) approved, those suited to seismic C1 and C2 projects, those with C20/25 to C50/60 concrete compatibility as well as winter grade, styrene free and fast cure products. And the latest member of the range “Ultra-Bond 100”, producing the highest bond strength available, from JCP, has been formulated for high performance structural applications and is ETA Option 1 approved.

The resins range is complimented by associated quality products and accessories all of which can be found on the website along with further technical information, certification documentation, and calculators for resin volume and insertion distances for anchors.

Furthermore, JCP offer expert advice, product training, design support and will visit your site to carry out pull-out testing.

Once you have identified your requirements or require further information, the Leyton Fasteners team are ready to receive you your enquiry.