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Originally produced for the automotive market, particularly custom and speciality vehicles, the fasteners are now becoming more popular in a wider range of applications.  These fasteners, whilst expensive to manufacture and supply, provide a high-quality finish, wherever durability and “look and feel” are important.

CB10 is a compound which can be used to coat stainless steel fasteners resulting in an even, solid black finish. Also known as Oxi black, this coating is bonded on to the surface of the stainless steel and provides high levels of corrosion resistance without affecting the same corrosion resistant properties of the stainless-steel fasteners themselves. 

Used largely for an aesthetically pleasing look, these fasteners can often be found in the audio field as they provide a uniform black finish, enabling the screws to blend in with the rest of the components in hardware such as microphones and speakers. The automotive industry and military also benefit from these coated fasteners for this very reason, though there are other advantages. 

CB10 coated fasteners are less reflective than those with a natural finish and do not corrode or lose colour so are suitable with indoor and outdoor applications. Unlike the galvanised fasteners in last month’s article, the bonding process for these screws whereby the Oxi black is applied to the stainless steel does very little to alter the dimensions of the overall fixing. CB10 can be used to coat A2 and A4 stainless steel.  A4 Stainless being more robust, specifically for tough environments, such as salt spray etc.

Further information and detailed specification can be found on the link below: