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A perfect storm?

  Yesterday I had a customer call to buy a fairly standard product, but one, which we don’t usually stock; M12 A4 stainless full nuts. I contacted my normal supplier, who had no stock whatsoever. By the fourth supplier I was starting to worry, thankfully the fifth had some stock. The problem being, that this […]
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Latest news

There does appear to be a “relentless” increase in prices, despite currency fluctuations in favour of the pound. The drivers appear to be driven by iron ore costs and rampant global demand, as well as the well-publicised shipping costs.
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Why Choosing The Right Fasteners Is So Important

Fasters are a crucial part of all installation, engineering, and maintenance tasks in the workplace and personal DIY projects. During the 2020 pandemic, the home improvement market has grown significantly as more people have spent time at home. With more homeowners getting inspired to start DIY projects, interest levels in fasteners have dramatically increased.
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There May Be Trouble Ahead

So sang Nat King Cole and a host of others in that famous song.  However, if you’re a small business, manufacturer, constructor or anyone who needs fasteners at the moment, there may well be trouble ahead! We are seeing a number of issues playing out at the moment, most of them COVID and Brexit related.
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2021 Here We Come

Despite the weather, Covid and Lockdowns we are still here and open....and busier than ever! The counter remains open, with Covid safety foremost, for both our staff and customers. Please observe the "one in, one out" and wear a face mask when entering our premises. Thank you and let's make 2021 a happy and prosperous new year!
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Christmas/New Year 2020/2021

We will close on Friday 18th December 2020 at 4pm for our Christmas and New Year break. Back on January 4th 20201. Please make a note of the closing times as we will be unable to process orders through this period. Thank you for your custom throughout the year, have a great Christmas and here's to a better 2021 for all of us!
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