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British Standard Whitworth Bolts & Nuts

Leyton Fasteners have been supplying British Standard Whitworth bolts & nuts for over 40 years. Our Customers are located in the UK and internationally. BSW threads are not used on current new machines in the modern fastener world however, many of our industrial trade customers still use them today. BSW fasteners are also used in pre 21st Century machine tools have moved on significantly over the years, some industries still need and use much older machines, some which date back 60 years.

At Leyton Fasteners, we receive a large number of enquiries from businesses who have older equipment, machinery and are looking for British Standard Whitworth bolts & nuts for maintenance work. We are often able to satisfy their needs, directly from our own stock room. If it’s not in our stock room we can work with our manufacturers to source them for you.

british standard whitworth

What Is British Standard Whitworth?

Devised in 1841 by Sir Joseph Whitworth, the imperial threadform British Standard Whitworth was the first national standard screw thread in the world. The threadform became widely used in the manufacturing of British cars, motorbikes, ships, railways and machinery. Whitworth bolts & nuts are still commonly used by classic car enthusiasts, during restoration projects. Why not check out our classic car webshop, where we sell a huge range of obsolete fasteners –

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Whilst we can’t guarantee we will have exactly what you need, drop us an email at outlining your requirements and a member of our team will get back to you as soon as possible. Alternatively, call us now on 0151 355 8045. We are based in Cheshire and deliver right across the UK and beyond.