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British Association Fasteners

BA abbreviates British Association and was put together in 1884 to then, be published and standardised in 1903. This thread type is still in high demand today even though ISO metric is slowly replacing due to BA being declared obsolete in 1966.  As most engineers are aware the larger the diameter required the smaller BA number needed, meaning size 0BA is largest, size 16BA being the smallest.  For sizes 0BA to 16BA the threads specification is specified by British Standard BS 93:1951.  Size 2BA is equal to 4mm and size 4BA equivalent with 3mm but, both BA sizes have slightly bigger thread pitches.

We stock BA fasteners in Steel and Brass.  In steel Cheese, Round, Countersunk and Pan are all examples of  head types for machine screws we stock, all available with various different drive types to suit your requirement.  If you require nuts and washers as well, we have sizes available in stock.

Our BA stock for steel is mainly for sizes 0BA to 6BA.  For fasteners stocked in Brass we can offer Cheese, Round along with Countersunk in different drive machine screws.  Brass BA Hexagon Set Screws are accessible from our stock.  For Brass BA Nuts in stock we have Hexagon Full nuts, Lock nuts, Wing nuts therefore, washers we stock Flat besides Shake Proof in a mixture of sizes.  Brass BA stock items range from size 0BA to 8BA.

Fasteners that are thread type BA are still used today for building past and present models in conjunction with usage in fine machinery and Aircrafts.  An example of a model which uses BA fasteners for building and restoration is Pocket Watches.  Model Aircrafts and Army Cars both require BA screws to be assembled.  BA is still used today in Railway signalling to help keep the train tracks clear to ensure trains have safe journeys.

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