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Marine Fasteners & Fixings

Leyton Fasteners Ltd is a Fastener specialist, based in Ellesmere Port, Cheshire, primarily supplying fasteners and fixings to business; we also deal directly with individuals and contractors. Leyton ships to locations across the UK, using either our own transport or carriers. We offer marine related items in A2 and A4 stainless steel grades. We have […]
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Imperial and metric fasteners

I guess we all know that metric and imperial are the two main measures for fastener sizes both here in the UK and worldwide. While the US market uses imperial measurements, metric fasteners are more common in the Europe. Metric has been in general use in the UK since the mid 1960’s. but there are […]
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A perfect storm?

Yesterday I had a customer call to buy a fairly standard product, but one, which we don’t usually stock; M12 A4 stainless full nuts. I contacted my normal supplier, who had no stock whatsoever. By the fourth supplier I was starting to worry, thankfully the fifth had some stock. The problem being, that this is […]
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Latest news

There does appear to be a “relentless” increase in prices, despite currency fluctuations in favour of the pound. The drivers appear to be driven by iron ore costs and rampant global demand, as well as the well-publicised shipping costs.
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