Anchor bolts are changing

anchor bolts

Anchor bolts are changing

For years we have supplied anchor bolts to customers for a variety of uses.  We stock a wide range of anchor bolts, but have recently started to supply ”bi-metal” anchor bolts, which are A4 stainless steel.  These bolts are self-tapping and come with a hardened carbon steel tip, they are coated and self-lubricating for easier and quicker cutting action into base material.


Manufactured by JCP construction products and known as the “Ankerbolt-bi metal (A4) it comes with a flange head and countersunk heads for use with drill diameters from 6, 8, 10 and 12 mm.  The countersunk heads utilise a T40 Torx drive.  There are different requirements dependent on whether the bolts are anchored into non cracked or cracked concrete.


As with all anchor bolts, they are fairly straightforward to use:

  • Firstly position the fixture and drill correct diameter hole to correct depth.
  • Blow out the dust and drilling debris from the hole.
  • Insert the anchor through the fixture into concrete using suitable impact wrench
  • Tighten with torque wrench to recommended torque.


We also sell the standard anchor bolts, with a variety of uses, from anchoring gun safes to the wall (yes really) to a fencing contractor who uses our bolts to anchor the fence posts into concrete flags.


As part of the range we can source:

  • Through bolts in a number of different materials as well as wire hangers.
  • Socket bolts, hook bolt and eye hooks and sleeve anchors.
  • Chemical anchors, using injection resins, such as epoxy, vinylester, Epoxy Acrylate and polyester (plus styrene free).
  • The usual injection tools and accessories, with cleaning brushes, blow out pumps and mesh sleeves.
  • All the anchors to work with the chemical anchors.


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