Action Can

Action Can

Leyton Fasteners Action Can range covers over 13 industrial products including aerosols and lubricants in convenient aerosol form. The range covers all popular products for the engineering market.

AC-90 – Multipurpose Lubricant

CD-90 Chain & Drive Lubricant

CS-90 – Copper Anti-Seize Grease Paste/Compound

CT-90 – Cutting & Tapping Compound

CT-90 – Cutting & Tapping Fluid

CT-90 – Cutting & Tapping Aerosol

RP-90 – Rapid Penetrating Lubricant

RX-90 – Red Oxide Anti Rust Primer Spray

SA-90 – Contact Spray Adhesive

SP-90 – Silicone Lubricant Spray

Supertrol – Anti Rust Fluid

TF-90 – Fast Drying Cleaning Solvent

ZG-90 – Rapid Dry Black Zinc Galvanising Spray

ZG-90 – Rapid Dry Zinc Galv Spray

ZG-90 – Zinc Galvanising Compound Tin